Geneva is a French-speaking, eclectic and multicultural city, known to many because it is the European headquarters of the UN. Its cleanliness, efficiency and safety will leave you speechless, but its romantic traits also distinguish it, which is why I would define it as the most French in Switzerland And not only that, it is the second most populated city after Zurich.
Ideal for a few days’ escape, in just over an hour from Naples you can plan a super trip full of peace and well-being.

*from the airport it is very simple to reach the centre, I personally recommend the bus line, quick and efficient. The total number of lines that depart from the Swiss airport and continue towards the city center and the surrounding areas are five: 5, 10, 23, 28 and 57. Geneva-Cointrin international airport is also equipped with a rail connection that in a very short time it allows passengers to arrive in the centre.

Overnight stay:
as an area I recommend Vieille Ville, the historic center of Geneva;
Paquis (Citè), the neighborhood largely overlooking the lake or Plainpalais, the university neighborhood of Geneva.
I stayed for the first time at one of the hotels of the large Ibis Hotel chain, precisely “Ibis Genève Center Nations”, where I had an absolutely wonderful time! I advise.

Unmissable in Geneva:

– Jet d’eau, symbol of the city and can be seen from different points. Walk along the lakeside (right bank) and enjoy all the tranquility that this point transmits. Another alternative is to admire it on board one of the small boats that connect the two shores of the lake and which are known as “mouettes”

– Cathédrale de Saint-Pierre: with 7 francs and climbing 157 steps you can admire the entire old city from above

– Vieille Ville, the old city

– Promenade de la Treille, everyone knows that Switzerland is the country of “banks”, but not everyone knows that it is also the country of “benches”, in fact the longest bench in the world is located in Geneva, and has entered the Guinness Book of Records of Primates.

– Parc des Bastions: inside you will find the wall of reform, and a very fun series of chessboards painted on the asphalt equipped with enormous chessmen. People actually play it and start exciting challenges

– Horloge Fleuri, i.e. the Flowery Clock. This splendid flower clock is located at the entrance to the English garden and is made up of different colored plants that are changed throughout the year according to the season

– Carouge, a couple of km away is the bohemian neighborhood of Geneva. You will be fascinated by the streets, the Mediterranean style houses, and its tranquility

– Palais des Nations, main headquarters of the UN in Europe

– CERN, the largest laboratory in the world for the study of particle physics, an unmissable stop for all physics enthusiasts.

Useful tips:
*I remind you that Switzerland is not part of the European Union, therefore the official currency is not the euro but the Swiss franc. There are various currency exchange offices throughout the city where you can find a lower exchange rate.
– Trip out of Annecy and you absolutely must have a meal (delicious to say the least) at “Vinistrot”. My taste buds still remember it!

– Dinner or aperitif at the rooftop of the Four Seasons Hôtel des Bergues hotel, for sublime sushi and a breathtaking view (Izumi) especially for dinner!

– Lunch with a view of the dining room

– Christie’s bakery

– Patisserie Dolcetti
– Patisserie Sofia


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