Energetic, vital and sunny, the “Isla Blanca” is the third largest island in the Balearic archipelago after Mallorca and Minorca. I define it as “the dream in the Mediterranean”. More than a simple open-air nightclub, it is a small jewel waiting to be discovered characterized by beaches, clear waters, food, markets, parties and an international atmosphere: it is truly impossible not to fall in love with Ibiza.
This suggestive island offers, differently from what its reputation leads one to think, quiet coasts and beaches, ideal landscapes for walking and cycling, silent villages to live an experience of unrepeatable splendor. Due to the beauties of the area it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

*The most common way to get around Ibiza is by car. I believe it is the most effective and indispensable method. Renting a car at the airport is the most convenient and economical way to do it, as there are dozens of companies that offer multiple offers. Another more convenient way to reach the hotel from the airport is to book a transfer service, or even with buses (lines 9 and 10) which leave every 20-30 minutes. A taxi is also an option; the airport is located just over 7 kilometers from the center of Ibiza town and, therefore, the journey is short and the taxi price normally does not exceed €20.

Overnight stay:
There are different areas where you can stay during your stay in Ibiza, I will subscribe to some of them indicating the particularities:

  1. Ibiza City for a holiday full of fun, sea and culture;
  2. Playa d’En Bossa for the wildest fun (for young people);
  3. Sant Antoni de Portmany another place for maximum fun (for young people;
  4. Northern area of ​​Ibiza for those seeking tranquility, sea and relaxation. Perfetta per le famiglie.

Personally, I stayed in an apartment in Marina Botafoch (port area), located a stone’s throw from Pacha (the island’s emblematic nightclub), and I really enjoyed it, a strategic point for reaching the various attractions.

Unmissable in Ibiza:
Old Town (Dalt Vila), is the oldest and highest part of the heart of Ibiza Town. UNESCO World Heritage Site; today it presents itself as a fascinating and lively maze of alleys that go back up to the top of the hill where the Cathedral and the Castle are located. I recommend taking time to walk through these ancient alleys;

Porto, at the foot of Dalt Vila, we find the port area which is made up of the old fishing districts: La Marina and Sa Penya. The small winding streets that pass through the picturesque white buildings are almost completely pedestrian;

Marina Botafoch and Ibiza Nueva marinas which are on the other side of the port, away from the frenetic activity of the port area. Landings for the yachts of the rich and famous, impressive boats line the piers, breathtaking views of Ibiza Town;
Puig des Molins Necropolis: This authentic cemetery contains more than 3,000 tombs, giving an idea of ​​Ibiza’s Punic and Carthaginian period. Walking, you feel in touch with the ancient cultures that once flourished here;
D’en Bossa beach: the liveliest beach in Ibiza;
Ses Salines Natural Park: a protected area of ​​14,000 hectares, protected for its biodiversity;
Hippie markets:
Es Canar True Hippie Market, held on Wednesdays in Es Canà;
Las Dalias Hippy Market, held every Saturday in San Carlos.
*An evening market is also held in Las Dalias every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.


Pacha Ibiza, is located in Marina Botafoch, famous throughout the world. The global brand of the two cherries opened the first super-disco on the island in 1973 and covers all the nuances of electronic music;
Bora Bora in Playa D’en Bossa;
Amnesia Ibiza, undoubtedly the quintessential Ibiza clubbing experience, Amnesia has long been the setting for some of the island’s most unforgettable moments;
Ushuaia Beach, a gigantic open-air nightclub, Ushuaia is fully included in the top 10 of the best nightclubs in Ibiza, it is a venue specialized in house and techno music evenings, but above all in one of the biggest opening events of the season;
Hï Ibiza opened in 2017 and immediately became a meeting point for electronic music lovers. Unique atmosphere and unforgettable evenings!;
Tantra which year after year aims to increasingly raise the artistic and entertainment quality;
Lio, the luxury restaurant with dinner-show which is located in the marina of Ibiza Nueva. The cost is quite high, but it’s really a great show!;

Tatel, this place is also home to dazzling dinner shows.

Beach clubs
– Jondal
– Ibiza lover
– Cala Portinatx
– Cala Bassa beach club

Sunset bars
An essential element of the Ibiza clubbing scene are the so-called sunset bars, frequented by nightlife people warming up for a new evening at the disco or people who want to have fun but don’t like megaclubs.

Café del Mar inaugurated in the 1980s, whose name is today inextricably linked to chill-out music compilations;
Angelo’s bar;
Ibiza rocks, for a memorable pool party. Good music and great emotions in the pool of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel together with their resident DJs;
Blue Marlin, you can’t get more VIP! I advise you to wear your most elegant costume, get ready to let loose with live music and DJ sets, the Blue Marlin parties go on until 4 in the morning;

Let’s go watch the sunset…
Cafe Mambo quickly transformed into one of the most iconic restaurants and bars on the famous Sunset Strip;
Es vide, one of the most famous and visited places in Ibiza. It is a natural terrace from which you can admire an exceptional view of the suggestive rock of Es Vedrà;

Las Puertas del Cielo is an enchanted place, located near Santa Agnes;
Cala Benirras is a place where you can breathe beauty at any time of the day.

Unmissable coves
it means turquoise, almost translucent water, fine white sand, bright sun in a paradisiacal setting.

Cala Comta and Cala Escondia can be moved between the two on foot because they are very close;

On the same road as Cala Comta there is the crossroads and there is Cala Bassa, one of the most famous beaches in Ibiza and immediately after there is another crossroads for Cala Tarida;

Cala Saladeta and Punta Galera have no beaches, but only rocks and there is a beautiful sunset (they are also close);
Although it is not the most “comfortable” beach on the island, Sa Caleta deserves to be included among the things to visit in Ibiza because the natural landscape is truly extraordinary. The rocky walls that hug the bay are of an unusual reddish color which creates a beautiful contrast with the crystal clear waters.

Cala Bassa beach club (very good paella served directly on the beach, try the croquetes de jamon)

The bodega
Passion cafè
Las Puertas del Cielo
K vida
Can paella (takeaway)
Restaurante sa caleta (for a great paella)

Yemanja Ibiza
El carenicero for a spectacular meat-based dinner (try the Jamón Iberico here)

Cappuccino Grand Café

Patisserie Margot (for a dip in France)

Cafè Anita
Ohana Ibiza


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