at breakfast with Mariaelena

at breakfast with

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– Mariaelena

Welcome to
the table of my life

I’m Mariaelena, (for my friends Mari, with an A, please, which sounds sweeter), exaggeratedly romantic, with my head, often, or perhaps, (comma) most of the time, in the clouds and dreamy eyes.

7 days a week I’m in a good mood, on the 8th I eat a pizza to celebrate. I have to say, there are few things I can’t stand, perhaps most of all…
Another funny thing about me? When I’m sad I notice it immediately because I don’t eat breakfast.

If I think of my favourite happy moment I always imagine the same way: sitting at a table having breakfast. If in Paris then…

– Products

My creations


There is no party without dessert, choose the decoration or let yourself be inspired!


For an unforgettable awakening with the breakfast box


Breakfast tables, sweet tables, party catering and more…

– Shall we cook toghether

My recipes

Dedicating time, for me, is among the most authentic forms of affection and I like to do it in the simplest way I know: cooking From my ideas, for your preparations and on your tables. A collection of recipes to try out. Immortalize your creation, and don’t forget to tag @mariaelenamaisto and use #aBreakfastWithMariaelena

– I have a crush on the world

My travels

Having breakfast around the world is undoubtedly my dream and travelling for me is synonymous with breathing. It is my space, the time that I reserve only for Mariaelena, the way through which I take care of myself. It is my therapy because it allows me to find myself, listen to myself and discover myself. I like learning about new culinary cultures, ordering local dishes and filling my eyes and heart with beauty that I couldn’t have imagined otherwise.

– Together is more beautiful

My partners

– From my heart, to yours


There is more joy in giving than in receiving, it is my life motto. Through this section I would like to offer one of my creations to those who need it most, to those who would like to celebrate an important moment but cannot/do not have the opportunity. Tell me the occasion and why you would like me to choose you. Every emotion deserves to be celebrated and remembered, because when you do something from the heart, it reaches the heart.


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