In this area of ​​north-eastern France, on the border with Germany and which takes the name of Alsace, you can truly be catapulted into a fantastic world, perfect for experiencing the magic of Christmas. It is no coincidence that it is called “little France”
Just last December I was where the Christmas tree was born, in this land where the strength of the fir tree against the lashes of frost was recognized. It really was my Christmas dream.
And are you ready for a journey into a fairy tale?

I recommend staying in Strasbourg, in my opinion you can get around very well from here thanks to the train station to reach other cities.
*I arrived there by train from Paris (Gare de l’Est)
name hotel Cap Europe, simple, essential and central.

Unmissable places
Walking tour from the Historic Center:
– Palais du Rhin
– Grande Île
Place Kléber (christmas village) e Galeries Lafayette
Quartiere Le Petit France e Quartier des Tanneurs
– Place di Marché-aux-Cochons-de-Lait
Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg, the masterpiece of Gothic art with its astronomical clock
– Les Ponts Couverts de Strasbourg
– Place du Chateau
– Église Saint-Paul
Maison Kammerzell (the most beautiful house in all of Strasbourg)
– Barrage Vauban e Ponts Couverts
– Place Gutenberg
Parc de l’Orangerie

Place de la Cathédrale, Place Kléber
Place Gutenberg, Place Broglie, Place du Château
Smaller markets
Place du Marché-aux-Poisson, Place du Temple Neuf, Place Saint Thomas, Place des Meunièrs, Place Benjamin-zix, Place Grimmeissen

photo tips
Rue du Maorquin – Rue du Chaudron – Rue des Orfevres
Le Tire-Bouchon, the restaurant known for its teddy bears that peek out of the windows and the subject of the most beautiful photos


Unmissable places
– Petite Venise and half-timbered houses
– Bridges over the river along; Rue Turenne, Rue de la Poissonnerie, Rue des Ecoles, Rue des Tanneurs

– Quai de la Poissonnerie
– Marché couvert
– Rue des Tanneurs e brasserie des Tanneurs
– Maison au Pèlerin, una casa rosa, (Grand Rue,.15 – Place de l’Ancienne Douane)
– Maison “au vieux pignon”
– Maison Pfister (11 rue des marchands)
– Grand Rue/ Place de l’ancienne douane

– Petite Venise, in Place des 6 Montagnes Noires;
indoors on the street Koifhus,the palace of the old customs;
– Place des Dominicains, next to the Dominican Church with around 60 houses full of Alsatian craft objects (perfect place to buy Christmas decorations: candles, incense, garlands, figurines for the nativity scene, baubles for the Christmas tree, here the choice is endless!);
– Place de l’Ancienne Douane with around 50 stalls arranged around the fountain in the historic heart of Colmar, it is among the largest markets in the city. Here you can find everything: from the most classic souvenirs to handicraft products, gastronomic products and many sweets.
– Place Jeanne D’Arc: dedicated above all to the food and wine tradition of Alsace: biscuits, cakes and sweets, liqueurs, wines and Christmas beers, foie gras, cheeses and cured meats. Ideal for a tasty souvenir;
– Place de la Cathedral, dedicated to gourmand palates.


– Schnockelock ( try the Choucroute d’Alsace)
– La fignette (try the tarte flambé)
– Winstub Le clou
– L’epicerie (tartines)
– Le tire bouchon
– Au cruchon
– Le cuiller à pot
– Il Tire-Bouchon
– Mun’s: for lovers of Munster cheeses, as regional specialties are revisited here with this cheese
– La Petite Mairie *you absolutely must try at least one of the 8 types of homemade flamekueche
– Aux armes de strasbourg
– Epicerie Gran cru
– Le saint sepulcre
– Au fond du jardin
– Comme à la maison
– Pâtisserie Tonton Gâteau
– Maison du Kougelhopf

– Coffee stub
– Cafe bretelles petite france
– Sebastien Gillmann
– Patisserie tonton gateau
– Salon de the grand rue
– Elodie et jimmy
– Coffee stub
– Harmonie bowl and juice
– Madame julia


– L’artemise salon de the
– Au croissant doré (breakfast)
– La kilbe
– La soi (la flammekueche)

Trips out of town
– Riquehwhir
– Mulhouse


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