Tiered cake


Unlike a cake on a single base, this type of cake is perfect for celebrating important occasions and all unforgettable moments!
My favourite for expressing artistic and decorative skills.

What it includes:
⌀20 cm 2,0 kg
⌀25 cm 3,0 kg

Choose a flavour from:
2. cocoa or vanilla base (your choice), nutella, cream
3. cocoa base, nutella, belgian chocolate, cream, strawberry compote
4. cocoa base, nutella, mascarpone cream, black cherries
5. cocoa or vanilla base (your choice), pistachio, white chocolate
6. vanilla base, chantilly cream, strawberry compote
7. vanilla base, chantilly cream, 70% dark chocolate
8. vanilla base, mascarpone cream, strawberries, white chocolate

Free choice of colours

NOTES: The flavours may vary based on intolerances, allergies or personal taste. It is possible to create a cake topper, which is a decoration usually made of plexiglass to be placed on top of the cake. You can request the addition of a polystyrene base.
Notes to indicate in the special requests section in the form below.


Made with the heart
Genuine and artisanal
Excellent sweetness

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